Ly Tolberg

Ly Tolberg is an inspiring yoga teacher who began her yoga journey in Japan, where she lived and worked for 13 years and completed her first 200-hour Hatha Yoga teacher training at Under the Light Yoga School. In Japan, she had the opportunity to learn about different yoga styles and began practicing Ashtanga yoga under the guidance of teacher Renato Libonati (Kranti Nofear) at Under the Light Yoga School, which sparked her love and passionate dedication to yoga. In addition to her own learning and experience, Ly has taught yoga at Ichigeki Fitness Club and various yoga studios in Tokyo and its surrounding areas. She has continuously pursued new ways to deepen her knowledge of yoga and healthy living. Ly completed the Institute of Natural Healing nutrition course and obtained her certification as a nutrition specialist in 2013. In 2015, she completed a 300-hour Tantric Hatha Yoga Tradition teacher training at Zuna Yoga to further enhance her yoga teaching skills and knowledge. She taught yoga at Seri Resort Hotel Yoga Studio in Indonesia from 2012-2013 and again in 2018-2019. During her visits to Estonia, she also taught yoga at Maerobic Studio in Viljandi. In 2017, a week-long yoga workshop was held in Saaremaa, Estonia, led by renowned yoga teacher Jani Jaatinen, also known as Gokulacandra. Ly has attended various workshops in Hong Kong and Singapore to further her knowledge and share her experiences with other yoga teachers. In 2022, Ly opened her own yoga studio where she shares her knowledge and experience with anyone interested in achieving better health, inner peace, and balance. Her dedication and passion for yoga have inspired and influenced many people around her.


Jessica Tolberg

Jessica grew up in Tokyo, where she attended local schools and learned yoga from her family. She speaks fluent Japanese, English, and Estonian. However, it wasn’t until she moved back to Estonia in 2013 that she developed a personal interest in yoga and began attending her mother’s yoga classes. Later, mother and daughter began practicing together, which led to Jessica’s desire to teach yoga herself.

Since the opening of her studio, Ly Yoga, Jessica has taught yoga exclusively in Estonia. Her yoga classes are inspiring and tailored to individual needs. Jessica is passionate and dedicated in her teaching, ensuring that her students get the most out of their yoga practice. Her classes are full of joy and positive energy, helping students relax, focus, and find inner balance.

If you have been searching for a yoga class that combines traditional yoga with modern training, you have come to the right place. Jessica leads our studio’s Yoga workout classes, which combine yoga, aerobics, and strength training to provide the best possible workout for your body and mind.

Arne Lauri

Arne Lauri is a long-term Bhakti yoga practitioner and teacher, whose yoga journey spans over 30 years. He has spent years in an ashram and studied under various spiritual teachers, which has significantly influenced his daily lifestyle and thinking. Arne belongs to the Gaudiya Vaishnava school and his spiritual teacher, Smita Krishna Swami, has initiated him with the name Arjuna das. His teachings are based on traditional yoga philosophy and are deep and profound. In addition, Arne Lauri has been working as a Hatha yoga instructor for 20 years. His approach to teaching yoga is caring and supportive, and he helps his students to understand the connections between their body, mind, and spirit more deeply, in order to achieve holistic well-being.Arne Lauri’s experiences and teachings have significantly influenced his daily lifestyle and thinking. He has been able to integrate yoga philosophy and practice into various aspects of his daily life, such as nutrition, communication, and music. Arne Lauri’s lectures are an opportunity to listen to his profound knowledge of Vedic teachings, and his discoveries and experiences as a yoga practitioner. Arne Lauri’s knowledge of the Vedas is authoritative and based on a traditional school that has been passed down through the centuries. He explains timeless Vedic knowledge in a context that is understandable for our times and helps to connect it to our daily lives.


Marju Veevo

Marju Veevo is a physiotherapist who studied at the University of Tartu and has continued to further her education through training in Estonia and abroad. She currently works at the Viljandi Hospital and Viljandi Sports School, where her professionalism has helped many people improve their health and physical fitness. Marju has been practicing yoga for many years, and her life changed significantly in 2013 when she attended a yoga class taught by Ly and began practicing with her daily. Thanks to this experience, Marju has become an excellent yoga teacher who has helped many people achieve better physical and mental health. In 2017, she and her teacher Ly attended a week-long workshop with Jani Jaatinen in Saaremaa. Additionally, she has practiced and studied physiotherapy in Belgium.

Marju teaches physiotherapy at the Viljandi Hospital, Viljandi Sports School, and Ly Yoga Studio, offering her students a personal and caring approach that allows them to understand the connection between their body and mind and achieve more comprehensive well-being. Her classes are aimed at different target groups, including those who want to strengthen their muscles, reduce stress and anxiety, improve their posture, or alleviate muscle pain.

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